Gryphon Elan Classic Curve


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The Essentials range embraces the Power to Weight Index to help you pick out the right stick for your game. Incorporating the high construction design that Gryphon is famous for.

The Essentials range is perfectly placed to move you up to the next level.

With the Aramide Protection System, this selection of sticks will out last and out class your opponent. Combining great pick-up feel and power, the Essentials range will never disappoint.

23mm curve high point positioned 300mm from the base of the head, giving a more traditional, central feeling bow. This shape features an over-sized maxi head with slim shaft and head profile. Ideal for power hitting and slapping, along with tackling control and predictability.

Head Shape: Oversized-Maxi
Curve: 23mm
Curve Position: 300mm
Head Thickness: 23.7mm
Shaft Depth At Narrowest Point: 20mm
Shaft Width at Widest Point: 49mm
Handle Width Without Grip: 27mm
Handle Width With Grip: 30.5mm
Power (watts):
Airflow (m3/ hour):
Weight (grams):

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