Head Neon 130 Squash Racket

Head Neon 130 Squash Racket


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The Head Neon 130 was crafted to deliver optimum power and versatility. A bridge incorporated in the throat area allows for greater control and is everything you can ask for from a quadro shaped racket.

Whether your game is aggressive and adventurous or consistent and smooth, YouTek enhances your performance and brings out the best in you.

Integrated into the lay-up and positioned in the shaft area of the racquet, d3o is a smart material that belongs to a subcategory of 'dilatent foams' which dramatically change their behaviour under dynamic loading or impact. The d3o technology is able to sense the needs of the players during different strokes meaning it'll adapt to you. On high-speed impacts, smart molecules lock together within nanoseconds and dramatically increase the stiffness of the whole racquet frame to provide maximum power.

On slow-speed impacts (such as slices or drop shots), the d3o molecules absorb the impact to provide a softer touch for better feel. This versatile technology results in harder power shots and more precise drop shots, rewarding your spontaneity and supporting courageous decisions.

The Teflon friction-reducing polymer provides a low-friction contact surface, enabling the strings to slide through the grommets with nearly no friction. Moving without resistance, the strings maintain their energy during ball impact, providing more power. During the stringing process, the Teflon friction-reducing polymer in the grommet system provides even and consistent tension. The Head grommet system takes away the friction between the grommet and string, resulting in true tension and a larger sweet spot!

Finally, Head's Corrugated Technology is a revolutionary new shaft design that optimizes power, torsion, bending and handling on every stroke.


Beam - 16.5-20 mm

Headsize - 500 cm2

Weight - 130 g

Balance - 370 mm

String pattern - 16/17
Power (watts):
Airflow (m3/ hour):
Weight (grams):

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